Friday 22 July 2022

Top tips for helping your child prepare for the school bus

If your child is getting ready to start using the school bus, you may find that they are feeling nervous about this new addition to their life. Change tends to be exciting for most but can come across as difficult for others. This applies to children too, a big change in their life can feel difficult to overcome, so as parents, preparing them for these will help them handle difficult situations much better. Here are some top tips from a sixth form college in Wandsworth on preparing your child for the school bus.

Practice in advance. Anything new to your child will come across as difficult and can cause anxiety for some. Familiarising them with the ins and outs may make the task less daunting, especially when it comes to their first few days. Practice on the bus together, reaching their arm out when the bus approaches and pressing the button when it's their stop. Small things like telling your child what to say will increase their levels of confidence. Showing them the driving routes beforehand can also be a great way to calm your child’s nerves as they’ll know where they are at all times.

Find a buddy for your child. Talk with some of the parents from your child’s school and see if any of their children will be catching the same bus. Having someone there with them may help with nerves and gives them someone to lean on knowing they’re not alone in their new situation. 

Allow your child to address any concerns they may have. They may just need reassurance on small worries that aren’t leaving their mind. Talk them through the process and ensure they feel heard and supported. Be positive and enthusiastic to help your child start their bus journey with an optimistic mindset.

Ensure they know all the rules. From staying seated when the bus is moving and wearing their seatbelts to not talking to strangers. Make sure they know who to contact when they don’t feel safe and to be sensible. 

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