Thursday 4 August 2022

What to Remember When Bringing Your First Household Pet Home 

A healthy and happy home is essential for any pet, whether you bring home a puppy, kitten, snake, or a rescue animal who needs plenty of love and attention. But, bringing a pet home can substantially change your household. They require regular feeding, some demand exercise, while others will soon consider themselves the household leader. If you are planning on bringing home your first family pet, do not forget these essentials to ensure you’re prepared. 

Keep Them Safe 

Keeping your pets safe should be your number one priority when they get home. This means you need to pet-proof your house to make sure they do not suffer any injuries or get stuck behind furniture. Pet-proofing the house is a lot like childproofing, so you shouldn’t have much trouble adapting. Make sure to get rid of any plants that could be toxic to your animal beforehand. 

It’s also worth investing in pet insurance to protect yourself from expensive vet fees. It’s easy to panic when your pet doesn’t seem like themselves, so you may have plenty of vet visits to look forward to. 

Prepare Your Kids 

Your kids will be extraordinarily excited to get a pet, but they might be so excited that they go a little overboard in their affection. Pets can take time to acclimate to a new environment, so showing your kids how to treat the pet will prevent accidents. 

You don’t want your pet to lash out when they get irritated, and you don’t want your kids to be too affectionate, at least early on. If you have brought a rescue animal home, they may be fully grown, and therefore too strong for your kids to handle, so a quick lesson in proper pet care is a must. 

Outline Time for Play and Exercise 

If you get a dog, you must put aside time so that they get enough play and exercise. The exercise depends on the dog’s breed and size, but at least an hour each day (even split into different outings) should be enough to keep them healthy and active. 

Even if you don’t get a dog, you still need to provide some mental and physical stimulation. Toys, climbing frames, or exercise wheels and balls are all possibilities for a wide range of smaller pets like cats and hamsters. 

Make Sure they Are Comfortable 

Finally, you must make sure your pets are comfortable. Your dog may want to spend the night with you, but this can set a bad precedent. Instead, look at comfortable dog beds that can give their muscles a rest and prevent aches and pains, especially in older animals that may suffer from arthritis. 

Cages or tanks for other animals should also have everything they need to make a bed of their own. You can buy a bed for a cat, too, but most of them will be happy to sleep wherever they like, so you may as well let them. 

Forever Home 

Providing a forever home for your new pet is one of the greatest things you can do. This is just the beginning, though. By remembering these essentials, you can set up your pet for a lifetime of love and happiness, and you may consider it the best decision you’ve ever made. 

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