Wednesday 31 August 2022

Great garden products

This summer has been filled with lots of fun, glorious days. Whilst many of them have been days out to attractions and beach trips, most of our summer days have been spent in our garden. 

Relaxing, lazy days outside in our own little flourishing garden with the kids having fun has been paradise. 

Over the past couple of years we have turned our outside space from a dull, unloved garden to a peaceful, beautiful green haven with beautiful blooms, luscious grass, relaxing areas for resting and entertaining and play spaces that the kids can play to their heart's content. We've been green fingered and planted lots of flowers to make it a floral fantasy and improved our dull grass to a lush green paradise by using guides such as how to get rid of clover in the lawn to give us tips on getting the garden looking its best.

Here are just a few garden products that have transformed our garden and helped make it a space where days are spent in joyful bliss. 

Fire pit

Adding a touch of warmth and ambience to the night, a fire pit is a great addition to any garden to encourage spending time outdoors for longer in the evening. 

Making the days last longer they not only light up the night but they create a cosy atmosphere and help relaxation. They can be enjoyed whether you are alone, with family or hosting a garden party. 


A garden hammock is a fantastic addition to a garden. Hammocks are a perfect place to unwind and relax, being a lovely way to relieve stress outdoors surrounded by nature. Not only are they comfortable, but the swaying and rocking motion of a hammock is calming.

Hammocks look great in a garden, especially a flourish garden with lots of calming nature and beautiful blooms. They are also great for all ages, being somewhere both young and old can relax and rest in comfort whilst enjoying the benefits of being outdoors.


A quality, reusable BBQ is a brilliant addition to a garden. Enjoying the garden whilst having a BBQ is an enjoyable tradition. Having a reusable BBQ is a good choice so that you can enjoy tasty BBQ again and again. They are perfect for family meals in the garden or hosting a garden party.

Fun things

So that you can relax and rest in peace, perhaps reading a book in the hammock, having a few fun things in the garden to keep the little and big kids entertained is always a wise move. 

A great energy buster, a trampoline is a fun addition to a garden. For those who love to climb a climbing frame is a great choice and for those who like to role play a mud-play kitchen is a fantastic option for outdoor play. For a splash-tastic time a pool is a must.

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