Wednesday 31 August 2022

CARAT* London Cosmo necklace


As a jewellery lover I adore the shimmer and shine of jewellery, being a bit of a magpie who is drawn to the sparkle of diamonds and gemstones such as emeralds and sapphires. However, whilst I lust after jewelled pieces of jewellery I do not like the negative impact and damage mined precious stones have on the environment and absolutely abhor conflict diamonds. 

Thankfully there are alternatives to mined diamonds and precious gemstones that look just as incredible as natural ones whilst not causing damage to the environment.

Satisfying my desire for sensational jewellery that sparkles and shines with stunning stones that are not mined and bad for the environment is CARAT* London who create fashion and fine jewellery made exclusively from the finest alternatives to mined gemstones. 

Creating their fashion and fine jewellery, CARAT* use high-quality hand and machine cut Cubic Zirconia crystals and lab-created diamonds. In fact the lab created diamonds they use are from their sister brand GENTLE DIAMONDS.

Established nearly 20 years ago, CARAT* London is passionate about focusing on the finest non-mined gemstones alternatives for a new era of sustainable and kind to the environment gemstone jewellery. CARAT* London now sells in over 100 places around the world. 

Being a leader in created gemstones since 2009 and experts at designing stunning fashion and fine jewellery has got the attention of famous faces including Lady GaGa, Ellie Goulding, Pixie Lott, Courtney Love and many more. 

Cosmo necklace

Part of CARAT* London’s Stella collection of jewellery, the Cosmo necklace (RRP £249) is a beautiful sterling silver, white gold finish CARAT* slider necklace. 

The necklace comes in a lovely CARAT* box with a ribbon. The high quality packaging gives the jewellery an air of luxury and a hint that something very special is inside…and the surprise inside really is very special. The necklace nestled inside the box is stunning and sparkles in the light. 

It is a pre-layered necklace composed of a Stellar star pendant necklace paired with a longer chain highlighted with a single Marquise shaped drop. 

The necklace has a delicate sparkle to the fine chain and the stones sparkle and shine beautifully. The necklace is an elegant, delicate design that has a classic look that would make any outfit look extra special.

The delicate necklace can be worn at its shortest wearable length of 25cm to the longest length of 46cm. I love that the necklace is adjustable so that it can fit your decolletage, outfit and style.

The Stellar star pendant sparkles magnificently on the necklace with the longer chain’s Marquise shaped drop adding extra shine and beauty, which perfectly dresses up a low neckline that will dazzle. On the longer chain there are small sparkling stones dotted along the fine chain that add extra sparkle. 

Thanks to the slider design, depending on the length the necklace is worn the chain also drops down the back in a dangle back necklace style with extra sparkling stones adorning the chain which looks gorgeous when worn with a backless dress or top.

The shiny chain is very well made and it feels secure with strong links, likewise the stones are simply stunning, well-set and unlikely to work loose. The necklace is easy to adjust the length of the chains with the slider design.

I love this Cosmo necklace because it is stunning, delicate and expertly made. Not only do I love the design and workmanship of the necklace but that it is ethically created and I can enjoy a gorgeous necklace with glistening stones that are mined guilt-free.

I adore the unique and exciting jewellery designs by CARAT* London and will definitely be buying from them again, I will also be hinting to my other half that I love their gorgeous rings.

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