Sunday 19 February 2023

Teaching your child about healthy living

Little ones love to be independent. It makes them feel empowered especially when a decision is theirs to make. So why not kill two birds with one stone and incorporate this into teaching habits that are difficult for them to pick up? Healthy living is important and something children should be practicing from a very young age. Remember, teaching them the correct way to live doesn't need to be difficult. Small adjustments in your daily routine that are easy to manage can do just the job. Working together as a family can also be a great way to reinforce the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Below are some ideas that you can introduce to your child about healthy living. 

Make exercise fun

Children are known to be full of energy and always up to something. With the amount of time they spend running, climbing and playing all day, it makes exercise an activity that they complete without realising. Exercise through play is one of the easiest ways to encourage a child to be active. Practice activities such as bike riding to school and outdoor sports from a young age. This will help them whilst they grow up, as they will have already developed the habit of keeping active in a fun and engaging way. 

Clean eating

A child is well known for being addicted to the taste of all things not good. However, this isn’t to say that you need to cut sugar and snacks out of your child’s life to make their eating habits better, as all foods should be eaten in moderation. It means to ensure your child is eating healthily on a regular basis, with a variety of foods being placed on their plate every day. One of the best ways to get a child to understand the reasons behind eating well is to explain the benefits of everything you encourage them to try. Be sure to go into some detail as it will help them develop a deeper understanding of the good that comes out of healthy living. 

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