Thursday 28 September 2023

Dressing Sustainably: Your Ultimate Guide to Eco-Friendly Fashion Materials

In recent years, the popularity of sustainable fashion seems to be increasing. We can find more and more brands competing to offer various ethical fashion products, from dresses, undergarments, activewear to accessories. In line with this, public awareness of implementing the principle of quality over quantity in choosing fashion products is also increasing. Of course, this is a positive trend, both for our planet and the fashion industry itself.

For some people, switching to sustainable fashion products is not that easy. We cannot deny that fast fashion offers many attractive designs and cheap prices. These advantages are a big temptation to shop, even if the quality is mediocre. On the other hand, sustainable fashion offers much better quality, but is still considered more expensive and lacking in design.

However, real action to keep the earth green is a necessity. Incorporating sustainable materials into your outfit is a great start to participating in this campaign. Here is a guide that can help you get started easily!

1. Starting From Sustainable Essentials Items


Incorporating sustainable materials into your head-to-toe outfit can seem difficult to do instantly. So, why don't you start with the easiest? For instance, switch to eco-friendly panties, bras and shapewear undergarments. These items have the highest potential for you to renew and repurchase because you definitely wear them every day, so it's wiser to choose those made from sustainable materials.

Sustainable shapewear and bras are popular fashion items that have received a lot of attention since last year. The sales soared to record levels as the community began to adopt sustainable lifestyle trends. Apart from being environmentally friendly, shapewear made from sustainable materials is also friendly to your skin. That makes it more comfortable to wear all day long.

2. Always Stick To Sustainable Fabrics


Say goodbye to animal skin and fur! Instead, switch to products made from sustainable fabrics. The combination of recycled nylon and spandex is often used in eco-friendly shapewear and undergarments products. Nylon has the characteristics of being light and strong, while spandex is known to be elastic. The right composition will produce shapewear that is comfortable to wear. Even though it is designed as a tight garment, it will hug you like a second skin. Choosing sustainable materials will also provide benefits because they are suitable for all skin types and minimize the risk of irritation.

3. Make Versatile Outfits Your Best Friends


Sticking to versatile apparel is one way to reduce fashion waste. Honestly, it will also help you save your budget. Not only choosing durable and natural materials, eco-friendly brands also innovate in their designs. What is currently a hot topic, Shapellx has launched a dress with built in shapewear that offers comfort and versatility. Flattering style and body sculpting in a piece of dress!

Shapewear dresses allow you to instantly get a slimmer silhouette and look fashionable at the same time. These dresses are offered in a variety of gorgeous designs and you can wear them for various occasions, both casual and formal. This is a great choice to include on your sustainable fashion shopping list.

4. Get To Know Who Made Your Clothes


Getting to know the brands that support global sustainable fashion campaigns will make it easier for you to choose the products that are worth buying. One popular brand that adheres to sustainable fashion principles is Shapellx. This brand produces high quality shapewear, activewear and undergarments by prioritizing environmental sustainability and wearer comfort in each of their products.

As a leading shapewear brand, Shapellx is committed to helping women be themselves and love their bodies more, without abandoning their moral responsibility to keep the earth green. They carefully select the best quality recycled and natural materials to create various types of shapewear. The Shapellx review page shows that sustainable materials are very comfortable to wear on all occasions. Verified buyers also adore the flattering design and how the shapewear they get works great to sculpt their ideal bodies.

5. Buying New Outfits Is The Last Option


There is a reason why sustainable fashion is dominated by minimalist designs. Apart from being more elegant, the simple design is timeless and suitable for anyone to wear. Sustainable fashion designs know no boundaries and always look stylish all year round. Better yet, they are easy to mix and match with other fashion items, so you don't have to buy new outfits every season.

You can give a try to the fashionable bodysuit collection from Shapellx. It not only offers a contouring effect and excellent tummy control but also a flattering design, which allows you to wear it as a trendy top to pair with your favorite jeans or skirt!

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