Saturday 7 October 2023

PAW Patrol World game review


The PAW Patrol are on a roll with PAW Patrol World out now on all platforms!


PAW Patrol World

Outright Games, one of the leading publishers of family-friendly interactive entertainment, under licence from Paramount Consumer Products, is thrilled to share that PAW Patrol World is available to play. This open-world adventure game releases during an exciting year for the franchise, as the award-winning animated series PAW Patrol™, produced by Spin Master Entertainment, celebrates its 10 year anniversary. PAW Patrol World is available now on PlayStation 4®, PlayStation 5®, Nintendo Switch™, Xbox One, Xbox X|S and Steam.

PAW Patrol World is an open-world adventure game where players of all ages can explore the streets of the pups hometown of Adventure Bay and beyond. The game also features the original UK voice actors for the show, including Justin Paul Kelley as Chase, Solomon Brown as Ryder, Kallan Holley as Skye and Devan Cohen as Rubble and more!

Featuring all the iconic characters from the beloved TV series, players will need to work together to stop Mayor Humdinger and his Kitten Catastrophe Crew who are up to no good and plan to disrupt the PAW Patrol Day festival. Players can choose between 8 playable characters including the original team Chase, Skye, Marshall, Rubble, Rocky and Zuma as well as fan favourites Tracker and Everest. Players can seamlessly switch between the whole team during their missions and utilise each of their unique PAW-sonalities, vehicles and abilities to match the missions at hand and to bring peace back to Adventure Bay!

With options to explore solo or team up with 2-person couch co-op, PAW Patrol World will provide hours of fun for even the youngest of PAW Patrol fans. As well as truck-loads of missions and side quests, players can unlock character costumes inspired by the TV show, vehicle customisations, stickers, emojis and more! Eagle-eyed players may also be able spot Mayor Goodway’s prize pet chicken, Chickaletta, featured in various collectable artworks throughout the game.

PAW Patrol franchise

Stephanie Malham, COO of Outright Games, says: “At Outright Games we are dedicated to transforming the world's most loved franchises into accessible entertainment for fans of all ages. Creating a longstanding relationship with iconic brands Nickelodeon, Paramount and Spin Master has been an utter delight and we are so proud to have now created five PAW Patrol games. This year marks the 10th Anniversary of the PAW Patrol franchise and to celebrate we are delighted to bring this all new game.”

PAW Patrol World is based on Spin Master’s PAW Patrol, the award-winning hit animated preschool series that follows the adventures of a tech-savvy boy named Ryder and his team of pups who are ready to save the day. One of the most popular kids’ shows in the world, its success has turned the franchise into a true global phenomenon. Since its launch in 2013, PAW Patrol currently airs in over 180 territories and in 35 languages, consistently ranking as one of the top-rated preschool series and reaching over 350 million households globally. The series was recently renewed for a 10th season (26 episodes) that will follow the PAW-some pack of pups, including Chase, Marshall, Rubble, Skye, Rocky, Zuma, Everest and Tracker, on even more action-packed rescue missions and adventures- whether it’s deep in the unexplored regions of the jungle or out-of-this-world trouble in Adventure Bay.

PAW Patrol gameplay

My youngest son, who is a PAW Patrol fan, has enjoyed exploring the home of the pawsome PAW Patrol pups in this fun sandbox game.

The PAW Patrol World is distinctive of the franchise and filled with well-known characters such as Wally the Walrus and Turbot, along with the iconic PAW Patrol pups. 

All 8 characters Chase, Skye, Marshall, Rubble, Rocky, Zuma, Tracker and Everest are all playable from the start of the game rather than having to unlock characters. Apart from PAW Patrol Grand Prix where players can pick their favourite character, unlike previous PAW Patrol games where gamers have had no choice in which pup to play as, in PAW Patrol World little ones can choose any of the 8 characters to play as. The ability to pick their favourite pup is refreshing and makes the game more enjoyable than being forced to play as a particular pup.

Bringing the world of PAW Patrol alive, the graphics and design look friendly and vibrant. The sounds and voice-acting by UK TV voice actors also bring the show to life and add a hint of familiarity to fans of the show. Whilst the background graphics are a little basic and the characters around the world are a smidge static and be a bit more animated especially considering they will be celebrating the festival; the graphics on the high-spirited pups are detailed and colourful. Considering the game is aimed at young fans of the franchise, overall the game looks great however it does look better when playing handheld compared to docked and on the TV.

Another new and exciting change to other games is the open world, sandbox gameplay. Whilst the PAW Patrol platform games such as Mighty Pups Save Adventure Bay are lots of fun to play and very well made, being able to explore Adventure Bay is a joy. After completing the main quests the world opens up even more to include the jungle, Jake’s Mountain and Barkingburg, giving little ones even more renowned places to adventure in.

Helping make the game accessible especially for very young gamers, the game uses basic controls and offers assistance on how to use the controls, with every action being guided plus Ryder is near the main quests to offer advice.

The game has main quests plus side-quests for little fans to enjoy. The quests are simple and a tad repetitive but are an ideal introduction for very younger gamers and fans of the PAW Patrol to the wonderful world of gaming. The quests require gamers to switch to the right pup, on foot or in their vehicle, and follow the paw prints to a particular location and pressing the correct button repeatedly so the pup completes a task. Even though adults and older children would find the quests too simple and that the game lacks a challenge, the game is aimed at younger gamers and the easy to accomplish tasks allow them to enjoy the feeling of achievement from completing quests successfully. 

My little gamer enjoyed doing the quests, with them being the right level of difficulty for his age, however one aspect of the quests that even my little gamer found frustrating was the frequent unskippable chat. 

The world of PAW Patrol is scattered with pup treats. As you adventure through the lands, collect the pup treats and a treat bar fills up. Once the bar is filled a gift is available to unlock hats and vehicle stickers that gamers can select to customise their pups and vehicles. My little gamer loved this feature and enjoyed changing the look of the pups and adding stickers to the vehicles.

Being able to freely explore the PAW Patrol World was a joy for my little one and he loved being able to effortlessly change between the pup characters plus hop into a vehicle whenever he wanted to. He also enjoyed playing with interactive areas such as the radio-controlled cars. Another plus for the game was the couch co-op option.

Fantastic for young gamers especially fans of PAW Patrol, PAW Patrol World is available to play now on PlayStation 4®, PlayStation 5®, Nintendo Switch™, Xbox One, Xbox X|S and Steam.


  1. This would be fun for my niece and for my granddaughters. I can't believe the littles are old enough already to be gamers!

  2. Thanks for the Paw Patrol game review. This is certainly something the family would enjoy. Stephanie

  3. This looks like it'd be the best game for the kids! I wish I was little again, so many new fun things out there lol! Thanks for sharing this!