Thursday 18 January 2024

Artificial intelligence for business


Artificial intelligence is intertwined with our daily lives. Its link to modern life has transformed the world, with it becoming an essential part of our everyday lives, even when we may not be aware of it. 

AI technology has become an integral part of life. 

No longer is AI a fantasy from science-fiction, it is now a reality that has become a common aspect of life. AI functionality and technology is everywhere. 

AI impacts on our lives in such ways as online banking, google maps, digital voice assistants, social media, online shopping and so much more!

With artificial intelligence providing positive benefits for everyday lives, it is not surprising that AI technology is utilised by businesses. In fact AI technology used by businesses impact on everyday life and improve the service, quality and products that businesses provide

Why do businesses use AI?

Many businesses today make use of artificial intelligence technology to increase efficiency, reduce operational costs, improve customer experience and increase revenue. 

How does AI technology help businesses?

Businesses who utilise the right AI technology for their business may experience a range of benefits such as below.

* increase revenue by identifying and maximising sales opportunities

* save time and money by optimising and automating processes and tasks

* better quality business, avoid mistakes and reduce human error

* make more efficient and faster business decisions due to information from cognitive technologies

* increase productivity and efficiency of operations

* offer customers personalised experiences

* generate quality leads and grow customer base

* improve customer service 

* secure systems and improve cybersecurity

* industry specific improvements 

How can businesses deploy AI?

To capitalise on the benefits of AI, businesses should utilise a full range of smart technologies that will improve the business. By using artificial technologies such as generative AI, machine learning and natural language processing and more into their operations, products and daily business life businesses can improve their business plus gain a competitive edge.

AI technology examples in businesses

Similar to how AI technology has been woven into daily life, it is also interlinked with business life. AI technology is used by businesses from all industries, from businesses small to big. Here are just a few examples of some of the industries that utilise AI technology and some of the ways they use this technology in their business.

* Food preparation factories - use AI to increase quality and protect brand reputation through automated visual inspection

* Automotive industry - Industrial Vision Systems and inspection machines utilise AI technology to offer precise, high-speed, non-contact inspection, guidance and verification for improved quality and control

* Printing and packaging - AI technology offers automated inspection, increases production efficiency and guaranteeing product quality

* Product design - AI technology increases product efficiency and utilises information gained by artificial intelligence to design products that are bespoke or meet consumer demand

* Healthcare - high-speed quality control inspection products use AI technology for medical device components, packaging, devices, parts and pharmaceutical production to ensure product quality and control

* Science and engineering - AI technology improves efficiency, precision and quality. It also helps with inspecting and correlating data

* Retail - customer experience, sales and revenue are improved due to utilising AI technology

Do you deploy artificial intelligence technology in your business? Do you think artificial intelligence offers positive benefits for modern life?

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