Friday 19 January 2024

UK Restaurant Gift Vouchers - the perfect gift


Thinking of gift ideas for adults can be difficult especially when gifting to loved ones who have everything. Trying to think of a gift that would be welcome and not a waste of money can be tricky. 

A great gift guide that is thoughtful and appreciated by all from the person who has everything to those who rarely treat themselves to foodies to family and friends who love to socialise to the person who despises traditional, uninspired gifts given just for the sake of gifting something, is a restaurant gift voucher.

UK restaurant gift vouchers from Square Meal are a great gift for all from close loved ones, family and friends, colleagues and more!

The beauty of a restaurant gift voucher is that it is a thoughtful gift that is perfect for anyone as there are plenty of places where it can be spent for the recipient to have a special treat. 

Why is a gift voucher for a restaurant a great gift?

Eating out at a restaurant is wonderful and it can offer a variety of benefits such as, but not limited to, those below which makes buying a restaurant gift voucher a brilliant gift.

* Dining in a restaurant offers the opportunity to create cherished memories

* Eating out is a fabulous social experience 

* A treat of a restaurant meal is time away from the stresses of life

* Enjoying culinary delights can offer a cultural adventure for your tastebuds

* Visiting a new restaurant can provide the chance to experience new foods and tastes

Why gift a Square Meal restaurant gift voucher?

The benefit of a restaurant voucher from Square Meals is that it can be used at any of their partner restaurants. At the moment they boast over 200 restaurants and bars where their vouchers can be redeemed. They have partnered restaurants in locations across the UK from fine-dining Michelin-star restaurants to casual and cosy independent eateries. Plus they have new restaurants being added all the time, providing a varied collection of culinary delights to choose from. As it can be used at a varied choice of restaurants the recipient can book their choice of restaurant for a perfect meal out.

Their restaurant vouchers can be bought in any denomination so that you can have a choice how much to spend which makes a voucher from Square Meal ideal for an extravagant gift to a beloved family member or a small friendly thank you to a friend.

How to gift a Square Meal restaurant voucher?

Buying a thoughtful restaurant voucher from SquareMeal as a gift is a quick and simple experience. 

1. Buy voucher online - head to their website to buy a voucher quickly and easily with card purchase or SquareMeal reward points. All you need to do is enter the recipient’s email address, select the voucher value and mailing date, then pay.

2. Recipient receives voucher - the voucher is sent to the recipient immediately or on your selected date. It can be used in one of their participating restaurants from 72 hours after purchase and the voucher will expire 12 months from purchase.

3. Dine out and be credited - recipients are provided instructions on how to create a SquareMeal account to use their voucher. They then simply need to choose where to dine and enjoy a great meal out!

If you are thinking of treating a special person in your life or your foodie family or friend to a thoughtful and memorable gift, look no further than a restaurant voucher.

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