Monday 26 September 2011

Yummy Homemade Baby Food.

We have been weaning Bug for about 6 weeks now and it is going brilliantly. He loves his food and it’s so lovely to see him enjoy it. He’s always got a big smile on his face, a lovely messy smile. I had hoped to wait till he was 6 months old and try baby led weaning but he was ready a little earlier than expected. We started his weaning with baby rice and took it slowly moving on to porridge then other foods and tastes.

We have been using baby food in pouches and jars, he loves them and I am pleasantly surprised with the quality of the baby food. I have always planned on making my own, homemade baby food and stocking up on what I make by freezing it. I haven’t got round to do this until now, between Bug’s teething keeping me busy and going away it just hasn’t happened.
I was determined that I would do it this past weekend. So on Friday I sent Lee to the Supermarket with a list of fruit and vegetables to get for me. That night I sorted out the freezer (a job that was long overdue too, ooooops) and have dedicated one drawer just for Bug. On Saturday when Bug was happily playing I started on making his food :) 

It was so simple and easy. After preparing the different fruit and vegetables, I separately steamed the food to preserve the nutrients. Once cooked I quickly pureed them with my little hand blender and put into ice cube trays with lids and into the freezer they went (I made sure the food had cooled beforehand). Then last night I popped out the frozen portions of baby food and put them into freezer bags that zip lock close, labelling the bags with the date and its contents. 

I am glad that I have got round to doing it at last and feel like a good mummy for doing him some homemade baby food. I will definitely be doing more and trying new foods as he gets older. I had kept a bit of the food I made in the fridge and so far what he has tried he seems to love :) The apple and pear puree was a big hit. Yummy food made by mummy with love.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Baby food really is expensive. I think that most parents who purchase the jarred ones just don't feel confident in making their own. It helps a whole lot when you get a vote of confidence from the little one who will be eating it.

    When that critic spits it out or otherwise voices a negative opinion regarding the taste as compared to baby food in a jar, that can push parents to spend what they don't have. However it really does help to save money this way and also, you know exactly what is inside the food.