Saturday 8 October 2011

Daisy Roots Shoes Review

I was delighted when the lovely people at Daisy Roots offered me the opportunity to test and review a pair of their gorgeous little soft, leather shoes. We chose the ‘Dragon’ ones in size medium, 6-12 months for Bug. I was attracted to the ‘Dragon’ because of the lovely colours and because I am Welsh I thought a lovely red dragon was very apt for Bug with him being half Welsh.

Daisy Roots make handmade baby and children’s shoes in the UK, providing lovely shoes from newborn to 4 years old. They have been designing and manufacturing children’s footwear in Northamptonshire since 1995. They are a UK company where the shoes are handmade in their own factory in England and the shoes are designed in-house too. You can be guaranteed that you are getting a high British standard of fashionable and trendy shoes from them. Daisy Roots is fast becoming a designer brand and spreading across the globe as they are currently being sold in over 25 Countries worldwide, available in retail outlets across the UK, Europe, Asia and the USA as well as online.
Daisy Roots are the only UK manufacturer who uses chrome and formaldehyde free luxurious tanned leather and fabrics. The special soft leather that Daisy Roots use to make their shoes does not involve the use of chromium sulphate which is commonly used as a leather preservative. Chromium sulphate is a toxic chemical that is associated with cancer of the respiratory tract, skin ulcers and renal failure; which can be absorbed through the skin or through your little one being a shoe munching monster. You can be reassured with Daisy Roots shoes that there is no risk of this even if your little one is a shoe munching monster like mine due to the fact that all their shoes are chrome free. They also use safe and non toxic dyes too, meaning even safer shoes for your little ones. Daisy Roots exceed British standard requirements to pass BS EN71-3:1994- and they are the only UK baby shoe manufacturers to offer this high quality standard. Additionally you can be assured that they take health and safety seriously as each pair passes through a metal detector to ensure no harmful hazards are in the shoes.

Correct footwear is critical in children’s growth especially in the critical first few years and as they are soft leather shoes you can be assured that they do not affect the continued natural, healthy development of your child’s feet. Not only do you get warmth, comfort and high quality shoes with Daisy Roots but they have also focused on providing shoes that are safe and kind to the environment. By being chrome and formaldehyde free they reduce the amount of toxic waste and their leather is biodegradable. 

They arrived very quickly in a little bag and a catalogue of the Daisy Roots range was also sent. I immediately loved them, the design is superb. They are brilliantly made and are of an outstanding quality. The natural, soft leather shoes are hand stitched, with no nasty glues, to an excellent standard. They are so soft and I feel reassured that Bug’s little feet are protected, can breath and will continue to develop naturally and not be restricted at all by wearing these shoes as they are the next best thing to him being bare footed.

They are a great fit on Bug’s little feet and he is very comfortable in them. I love that the elasticated ankle ensures they stay on firmly so I don’t have to worry about loosing a shoe especially when out and about. The durable suede sole looks like it provides a great grip and would be perfect to prevent skidding especially on laminate and wood floors. I think these are perfect shoes for Bug especially for when he is learning to walk for wearing around the house and will help stop him skidding on our wood floors. They are not recommended for babies who are walking to wear outside but are great indoor shoes. I also really like that they keep his feet cosy and warm.

I love the design, the lovely red suede dragon with his green wings and yellow tongue on soft, luxurious white leather is just so cute. The colours are so vivid and the design is fabulous. I love, love, love them!!! 

It was so hard to decide what ones to get for Bug as they are all lovely. I love their designs; they have an air of the traditional but with a modern twist and some very funky and quirky styles. They have a fantastic range and there is definitely something for everyone. Their fashionable range also includes soft suede’s and washable shoes. Not only are the shoes very fashionable but they are also appealing to children too and the range includes the colourful character of Elmer the Elephant. Their shoes are available in sizes 0-6 months, 6-12 months, 12-18 months and 18-24 months. Not only do Daisy Roots sell shoes but they also offer beautiful gift sets too. The gift sets include 100% organic cotton, short-sleeved t-shirt and a pair of leather shoes/fleecy slippers in a variety of designs or you can get a pair of leather shoes with a special luxury bib.

I really can’t find anything negative to say about these shoes, trust me I’ve been looking for a downside but cannot see one at all apart from for me one pair is just not enough as they are all so lovely I want more. I would highly recommend Daisy Roots shoes and I think they are a perfect baby gift. Their handmade designs are not only stylish but they are kind to the development of your little one’s delicate feet, just perfect! I believe Daisy Roots continues to prove popular with parents because of their commitment to providing kiddies shoes that are not only of high quality and comfort but also meet very high standards of health and safety. I will definitely be getting some more Daisy Roots shoes for my little man…..the only problem will be deciding between all the fabulous designs.

I love the fact that not only are the shoes kind to your little ones and not affect the natural development of their feet but are also safe with no risk of toxic migration and are eco friendly too. With all the benefits of these shoes on top of being so fashionable and funky I think they are great value for money and worth every penny.

You can buy Daisy Roots shoes on their website for £18.50 and UK delivery is FREE, they also post worldwide for a cost. You can also find Daisy Roots on their facebook page and you can follow them on twitter.

* Daisy Roots kindly gave us these shoes to review for free, despite this I have written a honest review that contains my own words and opinions and is 100% my own *


  1. How sweet! Love the little dragon character :)

  2. They are so lovely Emily, the dragon looks even better in person :)

  3. Thank you for your lovely review Bumps to Babies. Glad you like the shoes :-) x

  4. Aww, they are adorable!! :)

  5. I love Daisy Roots, all 3 of mine had them as very little ones and I bought a pair for my niece. Fab designs and very difficult to choose just one pair!

  6. Hi, thanks for this review. I have often longingly looked at these gorgeous little shoes, not knowing whether or not to invest in a pair. They are so gorgeous and pretty and whilst looking gorgeous, was still not sure whether they would be worth the money for the short time my little one would be wearing them. After reading your honest review, I will definitely be buying my little princess a pair.

  7. I should send him on an epic hike somewhere to truly test them out, but all signs are positive so far. A great shoe with so much potential! sLIP AND FALL