Wednesday 9 November 2011

Gaming Widows

I noticed yesterday on facebook numerous comments about being a COD (Call of Duty) widow.  With the release of the new game Call of Duty MW3 it seemed a lot of husbands and boyfriends were rushing out to get the new game or eagerly awaiting their pre-ordered copy.  Lee enjoys his games and Call of Duty is one of the ones I know he enjoys playing on his PS3.

Seeing the numerous comments, some even saying how their husbands/boyfriends were even queuing in the middle of the night just to get their hands on a copy quicker, made me feel grateful that even though Lee would love to get the game he is waiting until we can afford it.  I love the fact that he has thought that the little money we do have is needed on other more important things for Tristan and the family as a whole than on a game that he can get another time on pay day when we can actually afford it.

I like him having his PS3 and games, he enjoys them and I think it’s important that he does things he enjoys and relaxes.  I don’t play many games myself, I have a Nintendo Wii that I won a couple of years ago that I enjoy playing every now and again, its great for a giggle at family occasions like Christmas and I do enjoy Guitar Hero, expressing my inner rock goddess.  I like to take an interest in Lee’s games and actually enjoy helping him with the clues in Batman.

I think Lee balances his gaming life and family life very well…..not only will he not buy games unless we can really afford them but he also never spends hours transfixed to games ignoring everyone like I’ve heard other women complaining about their partners doing.  If he’s playing and I need a hand he always immediately stops the game and helps me out.  I would never complain about Lee’s gaming, he enjoys it and doesn’t take it to the extreme and he doesn’t drink or go out.  Gaming and his other love of football are things I am more than happy to live with.

As the saying goes “boys and their toys” and for most women their partner’s enjoyment in gaming is a cross they have to bear.  I sympathise with all the gaming widows out there and I am grateful that Lee hasn’t completely forgotten about us and crossed over completely into the gaming World.


  1. I totally know where you're coming from!
    I too have seen multiple status updates about being a 'gaming widow' and although I know my partner would LOVE to own the new game right now, he is also waiting until we can afford it.

    Just shows our men have their priorities right ;)

  2. Nice to hear about another partner who has his priorities right x