Friday 13 April 2012

See it Snap it Love it - Sky

I was just reading Rollecoaster Mum’s blog post about her bloggers half termblock and admiring her beautiful sky pictures that she was linking up with DearBeautiful Boy’s See it Snap it Love it photography challenge and I just had to join in with such a brilliant photography challenge.
I love taking photographs and I am a passionate amateur with my little camera in hand capturing beautiful moments and wonders that this amazing world has.  I adore photographs; they capture fleeting moments and transfix them in time. 

Apart from pictures of my beautiful boy I haven’t shared many other pictures on this blog and I thought the see it snap it love it photography challenge was a great way to do this and inspire me at the same time.  This week’s challenge is ‘sky.’

I love going for walks with Tristan, enjoying the countryside and getting some fresh air.  Whilst on our walks I always find myself looking up into the sky and have taken quite a few pictures of the huge awe-inspiring sky above. 

You can see some beautiful sky photographs or link up with this photography challenge by clicking on the badge.  Next week’s challenge theme is ‘red’.  I can’t wait to see what photographs will be linked to this challenge next week for the theme ‘red’ and wonder what I am going to do for that one…


  1. RollercoasterMum12 January 2013 at 00:59

    Beautiful cloud pictures. Love the dusky/almost night one too. I also only have a little camera but I do the 52 Project and I'm loving experimenting with what I can do with it (and with photo editing apps!) Thank you for the mention x (you must have been up very very late or very very early - I thought I posted mine rather late!!)

  2. Thanks.  Yes I was up very very late as I couldn't sleep and I was unwisely catching up with blog reading and was inspired by your photos and just had to link up x

  3. Lovely pics, I especially like the 4th one! Isn't the sky fab! :o)

  4. Lucy at Dear Beautiful Boy12 January 2013 at 00:59

    Gorgeous photos. I love the first two with the candy floss clouds, looks good enough to eat. Or is that just my weird pregnant brain? ;)
    Thanks for joining in and linking up. X