Monday 7 December 2015

Scooter Tips and Tricks.

Last Christmas we got Bug a Spiderman scooter after he showed an interest in scooters and skateboards after watching kids and teenagers scoot, skate and do tricks at the local skateboard park.

Bug has loved scooting along on his scooter with his Transformers helmet for safety.

Whilst Bug has been more than happy simply scooting along I know it won’t be long before he is keen to start trying cool tricks as he is always admiring the skilled people at the skateboard park who showcase super cool tricks on their scooters.

As I like to support Bug’s interests and encourage his passion for outdoor activities  yet want to make sure he is safe whilst having fun I am always keen to find out any tips to not only help him with his interests but also help keep him safe whilst he embraces his hobbies.

With Bug taking such a keen interest in scooters I have been taking note of the Scooter Tips and Tricks infographic.

Thanks to Halfords and their scooter tips I now know a few cool tips to impart to Bug to help him master scooter tricks when the time comes for him to get all tricky on his scooter.

As well as showing kids and teenagers how to master cool tricks on their scooters using a 3 step process, the infographic also highlights safety measures and scooter riding knowhow. Top tips and information about the different types of scooters is also highlighted in the infographic.

Check out the Scooter range at Halfords for all scootering needs so that you have the equipment to put the tips into action and show off cool scooter tricks.

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