Tuesday 23 June 2015

Father's Day 2015 - crafting and gifting.

Having grown up without a dad I’ve never had a reason to celebrate or take note of Father’s Day. That all changed when I met Lee and we started our family. Whilst we do not go all out on Father’s Day with extravagant gifts, I’ve always helped Bug give his daddy a token of his love with a small gift.

As Bug is getting older he learning about the importance of gift giving, learning that it is kind and lovely to give gifts as well as receive them. Learning about giving gifts has meant that no day of celebration can go by without Bug wanting to give a little gift. This Father’s Day was no different he wanted to give his daddy a present.

Daddy was gifted a gorgeous handmade card from Bug. A colourful fish card made at school with a heartfelt message inside written by Bug himself.

Bug also wanted to get crafty and make daddy a special picture. As Bug loves superheroes and looks up his dad so much mummy came up with the idea of making a superhero inspired piece of artwork.

On a recent trip to one of our favourite local beaches Newgale, Bug collected a few special pebbles to use to craft his Superhero Dad.

Along with a special My Superhero My Dad poem found online and a handwritten token of love, Bug created his super special Superhero Dad made using the beach pebbles and a superhero cape.

As Bug loves giving gifts and already considers Jelly Bean a part of the family he insisted that baby gave daddy a gift too. Thanks to MamaBabyBliss we found the perfect gift with their “Daddy’s Magic Bag of Bathtime Bliss” gift set which is perfect for daddy and baby bonding.

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