Wednesday 20 January 2016

Freezin' fun with Penguins.

Today we awoke to the first frost of this winter. Whilst other areas of the country has seen the frost and snow before now, until today the closest we got to winter’s harsh frost has been a bitter chill in the wind. As winter has finally made its appearance and the days have turned icy cold and the nights frosty it seemed fitting that Jelly Bean was dressed up in a wintery themed outfit.

Inspiring thoughts of snow and cold, this super cute Freezin’ Christmas 2 piece was the perfect for our first frosty winter day.

The adorable penguin evokes thoughts of winter. The penguin is a lovely design with the rosy red cheeks and red feet standing out from the lovely grey of the penguin and the crisp white top.

Not only does the outfit feature the happy penguin standing proudly in the centre of the t-shirt but it also has other equally adorable penguins adorning the outfit on the t-shirts arms as well as the trousers.

To add a touch more of a wintery feel in amongst the little penguins are subtle icy blue snowflakes floating all around as if the penguins are in a snowstorm.

As we played indoors and kept warm from the frosty air outside this outfit has been a cosy outfit for Jelly Bean.

The super soft cotton clothes he has been wearing have been very comfortable as he rolls around and plays with his toys, including his cute little penguin friends. Thanks to the slim style bottoms in beautiful bright blue, the trousers have not ridden up regardless of his antics.

We love this outfit from Rockin' Baby and it is sure to be a regular outfit worn by Jelly Bean now that he fits in it regardless of how wintery it is; come rain, shine, frost or even hopefully snow it will be worn lots! 

P.S. The new Spring/Summer collection of childrenswear from Rockin' Baby will be available at the beginning of February!

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