Thursday 30 May 2013

Rainy day adventure at the beach.

This past bank holiday Monday was a wash out for us.  Over the bank holiday weekend we had lots of dry, sunny weather on the Saturday and Sunday and then on Monday the rain made an appearance. 

With Lee busy working on the weekend Bug and I were stuck at home.  We made the most of the lovely weather playing outside in the garden and in the surrounding countryside.  We had fun playing with his car and slide and went on a little adventure hunting for interesting bugs and creatures. 

After tiring mummy out playing wildly outside with the sun’s rays shimmering down on us, mummy had to take a little rest and enjoyed a few minutes peace and quiet and a little read of a book as we had a sedate half an hour sat on a blanket in the garden with a beautiful blue sky and view shining down on us from above.

With the prospect of having the car for a few hours on the Monday I had my fingers crossed that the lovely weather would last so that Bug and I could enjoy our short day out with the sun’s rays beaming down on us.  My hope for a sun filled day was short-lived as I woke up on the Monday morning to the sight of rain hammering down outside.

Even though I was disappointed to see the pouring rain I was not going to let a little bit of rain spoil our day and it was definitely not going to put a dampener on our bank holiday Monday adventure.  As Bug has recently become very passionate about the beach and the sea I had planned on taking a little trip to the beach before doing some food shopping.  I was tempted to ditch the trip to the beach because of the miserable weather but I did not want to disappoint Bug especially since he had been hampering on all weekend about seeing the sea.

With my little Bug eager to visit the sea and have a little play in the sand, we donned our wellies and raincoats and hit the beach.  

Not surprisingly due to the rain the beach was completely empty.  The beach looked tranquil with the sound of the sea thrashing wildly in the wind and rain and the grey sky above creating a surreal atmosphere.

In spite of the rain thundering down on us, Bug was in his element and was delighted at being at the beach.  He ran around like an excited little puppy, relishing being at the beach and running around in the rain.

Bug was delighted at having the run of the beach, enjoying strolling along the sand with the rain showering down all around us.

Bug being Bug he could not resist playing in the wet sand.  He relished feeling the wet sand in his hands, mushing the sand between his fingers.

He loved exploring the whole beach and was fascinated and intrigued by all the washed-up seaweed scattered across the beach.

Bug was also charmed by the little birds that were also exploring the beach.  He was full of smiles watching the little birds flitting from place to place.  He was totally enchanted and mesmerised by the birds, following them as they darted along the beach.

Bug was not daunted by the weather at all.  He was over the moon at having the opportunity to run around in the rain.  As the rain was pouring down heavily we did not stay too long at the beach and by the end of our rainy day adventure at the beach both Bug and I looked like little drowned rats.  In spite of getting soaked in the rain Bug had a beaming smile plastered on face that was radiating joy.

Even though I had hoped for a sun-filled day for our little adventure to the beach we had a lovely time at the beach in the pouring rain.  With the rain falling from the grey sky, there was a serene atmosphere on the empty beach with only the sound of the crashing waves and Bug shrieking and giggling delight filling the air.  The rain was falling so fast and light that the camera was not highlighting the drops of rain as it fell from the grey sky above, only capturing the shimmer of rain water flowing like a river on the sand.

This past bank holiday Monday may have been the complete opposite weather wise to the bank holiday Monday we had at the beginning of May but both were lovely days and regardless of the weather Bug had lots of fun both days.  I loved seeing Bug have fun with muddy mess play on the bank holiday Monday the beginning of the May and then having a rainy day adventure at the beach on the bank holiday Monday at the end of the May, getting to play and have fun outdoors.  I love that we experienced these days together and have many moments to cherish from our adventures outdoors.  I treasure seeing  Bug have fun outdoors; playing in the great outdoors and enjoying Mother Nature at her best just as I did during my childhood.  

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  1. There is something rather special about the beach on a wet day. Everyone loves the sunshine, but to go out anyway and breath the sea air is still refreshing even in the rain, and no problem to park the car. Your photos make me want to run to the beach next time it rains! Lovely post.

    1. Thank you. Parking was definitely not a problem that day and as the weather was so bad they had not even bothered with a parking attendant to charge for parking an extra bonus! We are luckily to have some many gorgeous beaches on our doorstep and go to the beach all year round regardless of the weather...we got some stunning photographs when we went to the beach in February. Bug had so much fun playing in the rain and I think it is important for children to explore nature and outdoors in all weathers and seasons. Thank you for stopping by.